🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 2/2021

Michelle Zimmerman

Our experience here has been nothing short of amazing. I first came for the electives. Then, I enrolled my kids here to supplement what I was doing in our homeschool. It has been amazing. The education being received far surpasses our experiences in public school. My son hated school. He has ADHD and his teachers always found him annoying. Here, he is valued for who he is. His small class sizes paired with engaging teaching styles have made his ADHD a non-issue here. He actually likes going to school. My 14 year old absolutely loves diving deep into history and good literature. My 16 year old enrolled at a very dark time in her life. She had not been in school for a while but when she went for an elective, she was drawn to the loving and supportive atmosphere. In a few short months, she turned her life around. Being able to incorporate God into school, I thought would make her run. Instead, she has thrived. It’s not a stretch to say that if I hadn’t found American Family Education, she may not be here today. I am so grateful for the adults who lead with love and for the positive influence it has had on our family.

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