2020 Vision Summit

Initially the purpose of this event was to share a peak into what is possible when we decide to act before we are coerced into reaction. Be inspired, before we are required. But it seems the world is providing more opportunities to feel the pressure of adversity that often inspires us to choose the Lord’s sides and innovate based in truth until we receive either confirmation or direct guidance.

You can opt in to positive action. We hope you do. We are humbly inviting you to join us for a gathering with others who have noticed we have a great work to do and that we can accomplish more as we learn to work together. Bring your mission/purpose/passion/inspiration and see what we can build together at the 2020 Vision Summit.

Because of current events we may need to adjust the format/timing of this event, so no registration payment will be requested until we have a more clear format on what the climate will allow. (For example, we may need to limit the number of participants that gather here in AZ.)

Registration Form Online:

To register in a separate window/tab, copy and past this link: https://forms.gle/BecKmJ5gS9EksdKm9