#1 Leadership in the Home:

A Mother’s Perspective

AFE Founder sharing her insight as a mother. She shares principles from building her nonprofit and some of her personal trials that have shaped how she is raising her children.

Presented for the FIRM Foundation EXPO in Layton, UT in April 2019 (a conference for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) AFE is not a proponent of any religion. Members and participants of AFE are all practice faith in our own unique and personally chosen way.

Visit HERE if you would like to watch this first video.

#2 How will they know?

What we learn and how we learn either point us towards truth or creates stumbling blocks. The founder of AFE shares the contrast of educational content and process.


#3 A Place to Learn

What would a school look like if it truly served the student’s best interest? What if parents were established as the main influencers, and teachers worked for them? American Family Education is an example of what’s possible! The founder of AFE shares principles, purpose and video of the main campus in Gilbert, AZ. PS: Visitors are welcome to visit!