Introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order

Motions A motion is a proposal that the entire membership take action or a stand on an issue. Individual members can: Call to order.Move a motion.Second a motion.Debate motions.Vote on motions. Basic Types of Motions Main Motions introduce items to the membership for their consideration. They cannot be made when any other motion is on the floor, and yield to privileged, subsidiary, and...
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Albigence Waldo-From the diary of a Surgeon at Valley Forge 1777

December 6 The Enemy forming a Line from towards our right to the extremity of our left upon an opposite long height to ours in a Wood. Our men were under Arms all Day and this Night also, as our Wise General was determined not to be attack'd Napping.... December 8 All at our Several Posts. Provisions and Whiskey very scarce. Were Soldiers to have plenty of Food and Rum, I believe they would...
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