If anyone is working (or playing) with teens or has children, this article is a great summary of an important book. (We used to have a stack of copies, they were well used and have been lost over the years, but this article gets the conversation going!) I recommend reviewing this... can you see how modern culture is contradicting these principles and inviting drama and trouble in the...
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3 New Video Presentations

#1 Leadership in the Home: A Mother's Perspective AFE Founder sharing her insight as a mother. She shares principles from building her nonprofit and some of her personal trials that have shaped how she is raising her children. Presented for the FIRM Foundation EXPO in Layton, UT in April 2019 (a conference for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) AFE is not endorsed or...
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A little healthy controversy..

This video exposes the False Paradigm (or Pseudo Theory) of Abraham Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs NOTE: In spite of his association with humanists, behavioral psychologists, etc.. Abraham Maslow was a hero in his own sphere. He truly was a champion for looking for the good in people and bringing an individual's strengths to the fore front. He wanted to find the path for more people to find their...
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