We invite you to join us in sharing ideas for how we can help shape a better future.

Is this a student science fair? Yes! With an extra infusion of hope and possibilities and it’s open to presentations from our whole community! Our students, homeschool students, students from local schools, teachers and parents!

Everyone is invited to share their ideas! (Custom acknowledgements will be given out to each participant.)

Would you like to present an idea? Make it visual, interactive is even better! *Note, you’ll have the most fun if you can set up your station and then walk around the event. We have plenty of room for everyone to set up on a table or in their own area.

Each visitor will be given a booklet to record feedback, then invited to visit each station.

Please register via the link below {COMING SOON} to participate:

Visions of Hope for Science & Society

May 4th, 2024