Meet the Founder Q&A

Are you looking for a fantastic educational community, but aren’t sure exactly where to look? Or do you want to be an incredible homeschooling family with resources and mentors to support your family with amazing experiences? Looking for a place to share your talents part time or full time? For the first time this year, the founder of American Family Education will be answering your questions in several free upcoming webinars. Before you come to the free webinar, learn all about us on the website, and learn how our education philosophy and influences are very different than most current models of education.

Register here for a webinar

Friday, June 4th at 10 AM: Meet the founder and Q&A for homeschool parents and teachers.

Monday, June 7th at 11 AM: Q&A for young adults and parents and teachers of those ages.

Tuesday, June 8th at 4 PM: Q&A for parents and teachers of grade-school age students.

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