UPDATED Registration process HERE: http://AmericanFamilyEducation.com/online

We are so excited about plans for the 2023/2024 year! We are honored to edify your family goals. The following is what’s needed before classes start. (This registration process is for the AFE academic program, please see our event page for Open Houses, Electives, Workshops, Activities, Summer Camps, etc.)

See below for the steps to register…



  • Apply for or let us know you will be using ESA Funds (tuition can be paid via ESA either by semester, month or quarter, direct pay or ClassWallet)


  • Decide to pay tuition personally (personally or personally procured donations) (have at least one month of tuition paid before the start of classes) Tuition for the main academic programs is $500 per month per student, Mission Phase, Junior Foundations and each elective program (and workshop) is priced differently.
  • Thoughtfully go through the 8 Steps CLICK HERE
  • Read the FAQs CLICK HERE
  • Every family has a once a year goal planning with the local director to let us know how you desire to participate and what your intentions are for the year. Please schedule your Family Interview by emailing Arizona@afamilyedu.com
  • Registration fee: $25 per family per year. (Cash, online via http://afamilyedu.com/fund, check or venmo.com/afamilyedu)


  • Review your child’s developmental level goals and check off skills that your children show mastery of at home. (If you do not already have one, get this from your child’s most recent AFE teacher.)



Send all updates/documents to Arizona@afamilyedu.com and schedule a Family Interview (click here), these meetings are <20 minutes and via video call unless requested and approved via email.

Additional NOTE for AFE Families:

You can run your own workshops or electives! AFE Families can also schedule use of our pool by making a donation to AFE and emailing Arizona@afamilyedu.com.