🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/2021

anavey donae

I began enrollment in the scholar program (highschool age group) in August 2020, after having refused schooling from my parents for 11 months. Since being at the school I have had wonderful experiences with my education, my mentors, my classmates and have made friendships with kids of all ages here. For the first time in my 17 years I love learning and genuinely enjoy my schooling. Aside from my schooling, I am interning as gardener. I have been working to clean up and implement a new healing garden filled with medicinal herbs and edible plants. I spend many hours a week here with my class time and internship and have never felt like my agency, my privacy or my personal life has ever been in danger. During these few months of my enrollment, I have seen my once dormant testimony of Jesus Christ flourish into one of great faith and reliance on the Creator of our world. Being provided with the space to come to my own religious conclusions, while still being loved and valued (though my background was much different from the rest) has taught me a lot about religious freedom and charity. One idea that we have come back to frequently in class is that God is the ONLY one who we should trust and come to for answers. These are scary times. As we see in all the world around us there is a constant battle. A war of words, pressure to pick a side, confusion and pain, but even through all this turmoil we always having a loving and just God to turn to. If you are wondering if American Family Education could be a fit for you and your family I pray that you might turn to God above all for your answer.

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