Created by families like yours, for families like yours.

What if your child’s education was everything you wanted and nothing you didn’t?


American Family Education (AFE) was created in order to bring together all the good of learning in a community, without limiting parental influence or stifling a child’s natural love of learning and feeding our natural desires for independence and creativity.

AFE is more than a school. We are a community of families that want what is best for our children and are not afraid to work to create it. We provide a structure for community learning that honors each family’s goals and priorities for their children. As a private school, we do not accept any federal funds. This enables the parent’s of American Family Education students to choose personalized curriculum and create a wholesome, supportive environment for each child. The AFE model can also be implemented at home with just your family or structured as a co-op. This varies by location and what each local community wants for their families.

This is a true community where everyone’s talents, gifts, and potential are appreciated and utilized! We are located in Gilbert, AZ and we have events, classes and activities for all stages of life.

AFE began in 2014 in the home of our founder, Kathryn. After a successful year of helping parents and students discover the joy of Family-Centered, Purpose-Driven Education, her living room became a little too crowded, and we opened our first location in Mesa, Arizona in 2015. Since then we have continued to grow and improve our program, inspiring and supporting families and our neighbors to have hope that education CAN be a blessing to the whole community.

If you’d like to learn more or contribute to our efforts, we’d love to hear from you! CONTACT US