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Do Better

Do Better

If the goal of the public school and their results does not inspire you to feel like the world will be a better place..

If everyone stays within those parameters of the very few being brought into leadership, but only have existing systems, and the majority only really being fit to be employees, and a significant percentage that aren’t even capable of that.

If that’s not inspiring for you, if you want more for yourself, if you want more for your kids, or the other upcoming generations, what do you want?

If you know me in person, I’m asking that question all the time. What do you want?

Do you want a society where every year gets better?

Where with every group of children that mature into adulthood, they understand the principles of how the past worked, and how the past caused problems. So that they can say, “Okay, these are the principles. This is what we can do to make it better. And generations saying, I’m going to take ownership, this is where we’re at. Ok. Here’s what we can do next. Here’s a way we can instill this, here’s something we’re missing out on, that has been part of past successful communities.”

Let’s bring more of that in. Because it’s our community. ..taking ownership instead of waiting for somebody to fix it for them. Have a generations of kids saying, “I want to be a leader, but I want to like lead with my morality and my heart and my logic, because all of those are very strongly established. And they’re inter woven, so that I’m not just going by emotion, or obedience. But I’m going by: I know that this will work. I know that this is worth a try. And I’ve tried a lot of things and I failed, when we keep going to make things better.”

Like that mindset of saying, “I’m an active participant in my life and my community, and I want to help things get better. And I know that the current system if it’s stuck in its ways, it’s not a big deal to say let’s do something else. It’s okay like the normal response to somebody system that they are monetized, monetarily motivated to maintain, but it’s now working to have it be normal to say we can do something else. They built it from something. We’ve noticed something else.”

Would that be great? Yes, it’s possible.

Check Us Out

Check Us Out

American Family Education

“Do you have everybody in the same room like the little red schoolhouse?”

“Does the whole family just gather together and do the same thing?”

“Is it just mayhem, everybody running around?”

Here’s the thing..

When you have a Liberty based program that has principles, has a system, has boundaries and structure, but actually feeds more independence and more autonomy: It’s kind of hard to explain to people that haven’t had access to that.

There’s a lot more details on the website. There’s a lot more videos, check out who we are. See if we aligned. 🙂

Individualize Education

Individualized Education

OK, teachers.

Now when I say teachers:

I’m talking to the content creators that want to teach people something.

I’m talking to ‘in a classroom’ teachers.

I’m talking to mothers and fathers that are teaching their children something, teachers.

Please take the time to know your students, understand where they’re coming from, take the time to recognize what they actually need, and what they’re ready for right now.

We can’t know everything, we don’t know exactly what their future will be. But there’s some foundational skills. And there’s a relationship there that allows for real teaching to happen.

Please don’t spend your time and stress over serving a list that has nothing to do with what that future independent human will need to know how to do.

Don’t waste your time on that. You have limited time with them. Teach them the most important things.

Teach the skills that make sense, in an order of progression that aligns with the maturity and development of their minds. Don’t skip so far ahead, that they get frustrated because they can’t grasp the concept. Apply the lessons to what they can see and hold right now. Be patient for the things that need some more time. Include traditional skills needed to get developed first. Don’t shoot them in the foot by saying, “We covered it when you weren’t here or because you’re certain age, this is what you’re supposed to be focused on.” or “Forget the other stuff, you’ll catch it up later.”

If you’re really a teacher, you’re offering gifts. It’s a wonderful thing.

It’s a wonderful thing to be called to or to feel inspired to do or to choose to do for your work. You’re offering gifts. And if you offer a gift that is not helping that person who has more potential, you’re hurting. You’re not helping. Don’t cause harm.

Just because other systems traditionally do it a different way. Understand what you’re doing and look at what really matters. For that person you want to have influence with.



Stay tuned!

We’re gonna start doing videos to help with your own personal development and your families and education process that you’re choosing either for your children or for yourself.

So, keep watching and a bunch of cool stuffs gonna be coming down the pipe…

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

This book by John Gatto is a great resource for truth about the Public School system (all of its iterations and all other systems patterned after that one).

“Independent study, community service, adventures and experience, large doses of privacy and solitude, a thousand different apprenticeships (the one day variety are longer). These are all powerful, cheap and effective ways to start a large reform of schooling.

But no large scale reform is ever going to work to repair a damaged children and our damaged society until we force open the idea of school to include the family as the main engine of education.

If we use schooling to break children away from parents, and make no mistake that has been the central function of schools since John Cotton announced it as the purpose of the Bay Colony schools in 1615, Horace Mann announced it in 1850, we’re going to have to continue the horror show we have right now.”

So looking at this, that we have control, that we can help our children that they can help themselves all of these different things that we can do, we can actually create a very different thing. And when I say we don’t mean going and voting, to create this big thing to go and give our power to somebody else, I mean, we individually can create something very entirely different from what has been going on in America for the past 150 years.

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