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American Family Education "Do you have everybody in the same room like the little red schoolhouse?" "Does the whole family just gather together and do the same thing?" "Is it just mayhem, everybody running around?" Here's the thing.. When you have a Liberty based program that has principles, has a system, has boundaries and structure, but actually feeds more independence and more autonomy: It's...
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Individualize Education

OK, teachers. Now when I say teachers: I'm talking to the content creators that want to teach people something. I'm talking to 'in a classroom' teachers. I'm talking to mothers and fathers that are teaching their children something, teachers. Please take the time to know your students, understand where they're coming from, take the time to recognize what they actually need, and what they're...
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Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

This book by John Gatto is a great resource for truth about the Public School system (all of its iterations and all other systems patterned after that one). "Independent study, community service, adventures and experience, large doses of privacy and solitude, a thousand different apprenticeships (the one day variety are longer). These are all powerful, cheap and effective ways to start a large...
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