Intro Bio

As the founder of American Family Education and mother to her 5 children, Kathryn is engaged in helping people see their worth, identify their purpose and break through limitations. AFE was organized to be a gathering place where individuals and families could find true community and improve every aspect of their lives. Purpose driven education is her passion and she gets joy from connecting individuals and families to a support in developing holistic leadership, entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Since the Fall of 2013, her vision to establish a real Opt-Out for conveyor belt education has improved many lives and changed the landscape of education forever.


Kathryn is an advocate for the idea of peaceful, productive society. Growing solutions, releasing limitations and owning our opportunity to be fully responsible for ourselves.

Her desire is to help individuals on their path to understanding their full potential and living a purpose driven life. To support this goal she establishing a pattern for true education and healthy community that honors the family and the individual’s holistic development towards independence and interdependence as a mature creator and contributor in society.


Self-directed And Mentor Guided Study Leadership, Education, And Child Development

A few of the mentors and resources include:

  • Oliver Demille, “Thomas Jefferson Education”
  • Orrin Woodward, “RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for Life”
  • Alfie Kohn, “Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A’s, Praise, and Other Bribes”
  • Becky A. Bailey, “Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline”
  • Dr. Gordon Neufeld, “Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers”
  • F. A. Hayek, “Law, Legislation and Liberty”
  • Glenn and Julianne Kimber
  • John Taylor Gatto, “Dumbing Us Down” “Weapons of Mass Instruction”
  • Thomas Sowell

Other education philosophies that Kathryn has researched:

  • Montessori by Maria Montessori (self-directed in a controlled environment)
  • Waldorf (also Steiner-Waldorf)
  • Spalding method (reading & writing method)
  • Classical Education (trivium & quadrivium)
  • Thomas Jefferson Education “TJed” (homeschool or co-op philosophy)
  • Unschooling (homeschool method)
  • Sudbury Schools (self-directed)
  • Covey Schools (“leadership education”)
  • Forest or Nature Schools
  • Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner (intelligence is more than academic)


Founder and CEO (And at various times as needed, Teacher/Mentor and Director/Administrator)

04-2014 to Current, American Family Education

  • Developed start-up and scaling cost estimates for business plans. Drove the operational direction, administrative and cost efficiency and coordination of  program initiatives.
  • Implemented brand development strategies, including business development strategies, logo designs, and website designs.
  • Led the organization by developing a professional and ethical culture.
  • Performed periodic budgeting/modeling to project monthly cash requirements.
  • Set up and update customer accounts with interactions, payments and personal information.
  • Utilized social media, email and the web to reach out to individuals and families informing them of educational programs and community events.
  • Created company logos and designed, implemented and monitored an engaging, attractive, user-friendly WordPress web site for promotional and educational purposes.
    Establish and maintain G Suite accounts for team collaboration, storage and communication.
  • Established and maintained best business practices for the organization first as a “not for profit” llc, then as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • Administered all facets of personnel policies and procedures, including conception, modification and approval of professional staff additions.
  • Mentored newly hired educators and provided encouragement and feedback.
  • Facilitates continued education for teaching staff through implementation of quality curriculum training and appropriation of necessary resources.
  • Building productive relationships with parents and students.
  • Monitored and evaluated educational programs to ensure performance objectives and standards are continuously achieved.
  • Modeled expected and appropriate leadership to promote teaching staff and administrative personnels positive interaction with students and families.
  • Performed classroom evaluations to assess teacher strategies and effectiveness.
  • Encouraged interdepartmental and cross-functional teams collaboration in the development and support of student activities, programs and lessons.
  • Led meetings to convey policy changes, gather information and assess employee thoughts.
  • Established a positive, stimulating learning environment for students and an exciting education-focused setting for teachers, ensuring that all felt valued.
  • Worked collaboratively with other teachers to review data and develop instructional strategies to address student learning objectives.
  • Participated in student recruiting sessions and other marketing efforts that required teacher representation.
  • Planned, implemented, monitored and assessed classroom instructional program.
  • Communicated frequently with parents, students and faculty to provide feedback and discuss instructional strategies.
  • Fostered oral language development and critical thinking skills during literary discussions.
  • Created and taught engaging history, math, language arts, leadership, science, etc lessons and activities.
  • Preserved the confidentiality of student records and information at all times.
  • Taught skills in all academic disciplines, leadership, self-development, parenting, the art of teaching, relationships, goals and accountability via both classroom and individual instruction.
  • Met with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues.
  • Collaborated with teachers and administrators to develop and evaluate school programs including student goals and building parent/child relationships by sharing student success data and insights.
  • Greeted customers and visitors in-person and via telephone calls.
  • Put together realistic budgets based upon costs and fees for effectively operating the business.
  • Maintains a motivates a well-paid team of independent contractors by calculating commission payments in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Builds and deploys operational procedures, training programs and administrative systems to handle the various needs of teachers, parents and children in this customized educational program.
  • Fosters a positive work environment by consistently treating all employees and customers with respect and consideration.
  • Utilized social media, email and the web to reach out to people of all ages informing them of community events, program info and service opportunities.
  • Organizes company files and created a support system to decrease workload and increase productivity of account managers.
  • Developed a program to work with students and increase interest in higher learning.
  • Managed classroom activities, parent conferences, and lesson plans.
  • Encouraged curiosity, exploration and problem-solving appropriate to children’s development levels.
  • Designed advertisements, both digital and physical, concept through completion.

The “American Family Education” network exists to promote self-directed, leadership education for the information age, building strong students, families, and communities.

“American Family Education” supports families in the education of their children, through a network of local groups and through the establishment of private schools, using holistic and family oriented principles. We champion the development of students through an inspired individualized program. These groups and schools connect parents, families, local leaders and teachers with mentors who are leaders in education.

The goals of “American Family Education” are to develop in the student a lifelong love of learning, strong character and self-government, proficiency in all academic subjects, leadership mentality and strengths, talents needed to reach their full potential. Also, to develop stronger families and better communities.

All activities, teaching, governance, and administration are to be accomplished in light of the above objectives and in harmony with true principles. All teachers, leaders, administrators, and volunteers strive to be living examples of the values, principles, and skills taught at the school.

Our community of families is made of both non-religious and multi-denominational families. We respect and encourage each family to teach their family history and culture in their homes. At school, we focus on principles, skills and mindset for growth and success (both personal and interpersonal). For more about our program, visit AFE’s main website or contact me.

Public Speaker And Recruiter

11/2014 to 4/1/2018 Life Leadership

  • Achieved a recognized leadership role in the company by building two sales teams, each with over 25 active individuals and couples.
  • Presented informational and motivational talks regarding leadership, entrepreneurship, family relationships, business systems, personal finance, etc. to groups of 30 to 150 people.
  • Participated in multiple panel discussions, sharing business and personal success principles for 20-300 people.
  • Implemented stories and anecdotes into speeches to teach important information.
  • Visited with potential clients, customers and team members in their homes or place of business.
  • Mentored closely with company owners to ascertain the information that needed to be discussed in presentations.
  • Mentored individuals and couples in matters of personal development, family relationships, professional development, leadership and personal finance.
  • Developed and led special events that increased personal, professional and financial abilities.
  • Mentored with business owners on subjects of improving business systems for improved efficiency and success.

Each of us was created and shaped to fulfill an important purpose. I am inspired by the results I see as more of us come together and live “on purpose,” strengthening ourselves by strengthening others. I am looking for others who have a message that needs a bigger stage and those who would like to make a difference. It only takes a small percentage of society that is informed, empowered, and free to change the course for the better. Whether you want to be part of a team or increase your influential reach, Together We Accomplish More.

There is no comparison to this company. This system has opened so many doors and given us so much more than we could have ever expected. The company’s goal and purpose inspire us to dream bigger about who we can become, the difference that we can make to help others, and make the world a better place.

Campus Administrator

11/2013 to 03/2014 Glenn J. Kimber Academy – East Mesa Campus – Mesa, AZ

  • Collaborated with parents, teachers and administrators to discuss the academic needs of students.
  • Maintained safety and security of all youth and staff on campus.
  • Mentored parents of students of all ages, increasing parent-child communication, student progress and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Corresponded with families through email and phone calls.
  • Fostered meaningful relationships among students and their families through field-trip and community events.
  • Met with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues.
  • Answered inquiries and addressed or resolved issues for current and new interested families.
  • Advised parents and students on crucial academic decisions such as choosing classes and preparing for additional educational opportunities by discussing and identifying their interests and strengths.
  • Helped new families through the enrollment process.
  • Assisted with students as needed and offered constructive feedback to minors under care regarding specific actions, behaviors and words.
  • Facilitated group workshops and one-on-one support for parents to better support their children’s education.
  • Utilized social media, email and the web to reach out to individuals and families informing them of educational programs and community events.
  • Sourced for qualified candidates while screening interviews to identify the best prospective teachers.
  • Encouraged students with special academic interests to fully pursue those subjects.
  • Acquired a general knowledge of school philosophy, program curriculum and detailed knowledge of available courses.
  • Cooperated with parents to support students’ learning and healthy development in school and at home prioritizing strategies to develop responsible, independent learners.
  • Created company logos and designed, implemented and monitored an engaging, attractive, user-friendly WordPress web site for promotional and educational purposes.
  • Establish and maintain G Suite accounts for team collaboration, storage and communication.
  • Worked closely with the school owner to ascertain the information that needed to be discussed in Open House presentations about education.

What a learning experience! At the East Mesa Campus I reworked their website, set up an email/calendar/file-sharing system. Having an opportunity to see the Kimber Curriculum in action for my family and many others, I know how good this school is. I supported families in using the available scholarship programs and brought many new families and some new staff members. I spent much of my time nurturing families and sharing the school with many good people. Working closely with faithful saints striving to provide the very best environment for school age children and helping families regain control of their children’s education is so inspiring! I have come to love the families and staff at this school. This was the first Arizona location for the Glenn J Kimber Academies and I am thrilled to support a growing group of people working to open up more opportunities for an individualized education in our state!

Director of Finance and Administration

02/2010 to 08/2015 Arizona Academy of Youth Soccer – Mesa, AZ

  • Write the approved legal establishment of the organization in Arizona according to state laws and regulations.
  • Write the approved application to establish this 501(c)(3) non-profit sports organization.
  • Create forms and documents needed to administer soccer club business.
  • Utilized social media, email and the web to recruit families.
  • Created company logos and designed, implemented and monitored an engaging, attractive, user-friendly WordPress web site for promotional purposes.
  • Establish and maintain G Suite accounts for team collaboration, storage and communication.
  • Ensured a positive recruitment experience by effective communication, professional enrollment events and maintaining a family-centric culture at events.
  • Assisted clients by answering questions, responding to inquiries and handling telephone requests.
  • Worked with managers to develop annual expense plan goals.
  • Maintained accounting records from clients’ checks and cash receipts.
  • Performed periodic budgeting/modeling to project monthly cash requirements.
  • Reviewed collection reports to determine the status of collections and the amounts of outstanding balances.
  • Contacted clients to collect outstanding payments via one-time or negotiated installment methods.
  • Filed tax returns and prepared governmental reports in compliance with strict standards.
  • Performed administrative tasks such as record-keeping, writing correspondence, set up and updated customer accounts with interactions, payments and personal information.
  • Coordinated master and individual schedules for events, practice times for multiple age groups and skill levels and tournaments.
  • Maintained employee files and handled payroll for 2-6 coaches.

As a founding member of the Academy I helped form this organization. I organized all that was necessary and submitted to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit sports organization. I maintain the financials and all the legal records, do the payroll, prepare all tax forms and support team parents with the management of team finances.

Franklin Parent Organization

05/2010 to 10/2013 Franklin East Elementary – Mesa, AZ

Board Secretary

  • At monthly meetings to plan for the needs of the school, Kathryn organized the agenda before the meetings and took detailed minutes.

Student Filming Coordinator

  • Converted the entire student body’s videos from VHS to DVD (over 700 students).
  • Franklin East students each have a DVD that is used to record clips of their progress each semester. Starting in Kindergarten they are introduced by their teachers in the Fall, then they recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the Spring. Starting in 1st grade they read a poem or short story, then by 6th grade they read a selection from something they have written in class. Upon graduating from 6th grade the student receives his/her DVD.

    As the Coordinator, I schedule the classes and volunteer parents to allow for every student’s participation without missing any of their other activities during the day (ie: recess, computers, music, PE, etc.). I also train volunteers on the use of the equipment and make sure to have a DVD for each student (including those who have transferred from another school) and that each DVD is finalized and sent home with the student at the end of 6th grade.


  • Develop and maintain an online registration program for assigning volunteers for all school programs. Develop and maintain a website for various other resources including a calendar and the organizations contact information. Maintain a presence on Facebook to assist in the networking of members and parents.

Various Volunteer Work

01/2000 to 02/2021 – Columbia MD – Mesa, AZ – Gilbert, AZ

  • Working with adults, teens, youth & toddlers.
  • Conductor for youth music program.
  • Teacher for youth program.
  • Mentoring women, including providing temporary housing.
  • Humanitarian aid (ie: designing and sewing quilts, creating reading instruction supports, and other items for families in need).
  • Event coordinator, planning and organizing events for a community of over 300 people.


Since Spring 2002 to current and started in Columbia, MD

Kathryn always wanted to be a mother. She joys in bonding and connecting to her children, but they are also her main inspiration for her personal growth. She believes that it is her responsibility to become a better person so that she can give more to those she loves and has stewardship with. Getting married at 18 and having her first child less than 18 months later gave her many opportunities to see how much she still needed to learn to be the kind of mother she wanted to be for her children. Now, over 2 decades later, Kathryn joys in her experiences as a mother to her 5 children and is humbled by the joy that come from the opportunity to extend her love to the families in the American Family Education communities. She built this new education system so her children could benefit from more than just her own campacity and knowledge.. but the fun of having other like minded families to grow with. She is grateful for all the wonderful resources and friends that she has learned from since starting AFE.