If you want your child(ren) to participate in AFE academics and/or electives, enroll online via the “ONLINE ENROLLMENT” link on the menu.

If you prefer screen shots & text, scroll past the video below.

Start on http://afamilyedu.com or http://AmericanFamilyEducation.com and click “ONLINE ENROLLMENT” in the menu.

You’ll be taken to the application to the application portal where you select “Create New User”. If you need to log out and log back in to complete your initial enrollment, this is where you go.

Once you create a new user, this is your info as the leader for your family enrollment(s)… you’ll get an email from PraxiPower with a code.

Copy/paste that into the next window, then you will be into the application portal.

From the dropdown menu, select “New Student – Applicant Portal”. For more additional children, use the sibling application.

There is no payment via this portal, but you will get access to registering for electives, field trips, etc…

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email for your family portal login. You can can login with the link in the email or via the “FAMILY PORTAL LOGIN” link on AFE’s website.

Once you’re logged in you can request elective classes from the 3 bar menu, via Online Forms.

Choose which student that you want to request classes for on the left, then select the form, “Class Request Form for Fall.”

You can click the day of electives on the left, click a flyer to make it bigger, or the i icon to see more details for each class.

You can submit new forms if you want to add new classes for any of your children. You can also register for Field Trips via the Web Store > Family Fun.

Also check the Web Store for Seasonal produce, including eggs.

On the schedule tab, you can see what classes have been approved for each of your children.

On “My Account” you can see the full invoice, but if you are on ESA scholarships, you will be emailed the ESA invoice.