As an answer to the devolution of modern education, American Family Education (AFE) has designed a program that truly supports families in achieving the education they desire. AFE has created a safe haven for families to gather and learn together despite the turmoil of current events. It has become imperative that we raise funds to continue our work. AFE has a self sufficient entrepreneurial model, but with the unforeseen current events, we need your help.

Why American Family Education?

American Family Education (AFE) offers a unique solution to the education problems plaguing our world. Through connecting with parents, focusing on skills and maturity, and creating small local education centers, AFE is forging a path in alternative education. American Family Education support a process from parent-led to self-directed, purpose-driven, leadership education for the information age, building strong individuals, families, and communities. This a new educational system for all ages. Students learn, in a moral environment of purpose-driven, agency based education with the structure of a private school, including inspiring teachers and mentors. Students progress from learning to read and write through to being able to self-direct their own education and start their own businesses or careers. All the core subjects are learned through the lens of purpose. Learning is focused on tools to achieve vital strengths like logic and reason, communication, and discernment. Students progress based on maturity and mastery, NOT by age or time served.

In addition to foundational learning, our elective programs feature individuals that teach and inspire students in their community, based on their passions and expertise. Students experience opportunities within electives that engender the attributes, skills and experience that support the development of that student’s individual purpose and goals.

On sight we have started a food forest, and are working on developing it further to strengthen the skills and health of the families we serve.

AFE is always improving, like the members and students are encouraged to be. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your support may positively impact your tax liability, and it is guaranteed to bless the lives of families who are striving to raise their children to be positive contributors to our world.

How can you help?

Donate once between $1 and $150,000 to American Family Education. Via PayPal’s GivingFund:

To set up a recurring donation with PayPal or CC/Debit Card via:

You can also send a check/cash/money order donation to American Family Education, 1267 N Recker Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234 and we will email/mail you a receipt.

Please connect us with other potential donors within the community or those with interest in alternative education and solutions for education. AFE Contact:

Other Ways to Help

If you use Amazon, you can choose to support us with a % of your Smile.Amazon purchases!

Arizona Tax Credits

Individuals and corporations with an Arizona state tax liability can get a tax credit by donating to one of our supporting scholarship organizations:

Thank you!

We need your help to maintain the liberty to continue to provide a place to building strong individuals, families, and communities. American Family Education in Gilbert, AZ is more than a replacement for a school, it is a community center that encourages multi-generational unity, high-caliber recreation, personal and professional development.