Individualized Education

OK, teachers.

Now when I say teachers:

I’m talking to the content creators that want to teach people something.

I’m talking to ‘in a classroom’ teachers.

I’m talking to mothers and fathers that are teaching their children something, teachers.

Please take the time to know your students, understand where they’re coming from, take the time to recognize what they actually need, and what they’re ready for right now.

We can’t know everything, we don’t know exactly what their future will be. But there’s some foundational skills. And there’s a relationship there that allows for real teaching to happen.

Please don’t spend your time and stress over serving a list that has nothing to do with what that future independent human will need to know how to do.

Don’t waste your time on that. You have limited time with them. Teach them the most important things.

Teach the skills that make sense, in an order of progression that aligns with the maturity and development of their minds. Don’t skip so far ahead, that they get frustrated because they can’t grasp the concept. Apply the lessons to what they can see and hold right now. Be patient for the things that need some more time. Include traditional skills needed to get developed first. Don’t shoot them in the foot by saying, “We covered it when you weren’t here or because you’re certain age, this is what you’re supposed to be focused on.” or “Forget the other stuff, you’ll catch it up later.”

If you’re really a teacher, you’re offering gifts. It’s a wonderful thing.

It’s a wonderful thing to be called to or to feel inspired to do or to choose to do for your work. You’re offering gifts. And if you offer a gift that is not helping that person who has more potential, you’re hurting. You’re not helping. Don’t cause harm.

Just because other systems traditionally do it a different way. Understand what you’re doing and look at what really matters. For that person you want to have influence with.