“Connecting Education to Faith, Family and True Purpose-Driven Leadership”

Our Mission

To develop in our community

    • stronger families
    • great communication and relationship skills
    • a lifelong love of learning
    • courage and moral character
    • ownership/entrepreneurial mindset
    • true principles of freedom and liberty
    • servant leadership culture
    • the strength to ponder, find answers and create solutions
    • respect for the infinite worth of a soul
    • an enduring testimony of faith
    • talents needed to add value to the market place
    • knowledge and wisdom to live intentionally with excellence

What stage of life is served at an American Family Education program location?

This is a FAMILY program, each location might not have offerings for everyone, but this system includes learning, service and connection opportunities at every stage of your life.

Are all the AFE locations the same?

No, all groups/locations subscribe to common principles and then apply them based on the particular needs of their community. Some groups are individual families applying these principles and staying connected to the AFE community while other groups are structured as brick and mortar private schools.

To participate do I need to abandon any of the tools/methods that I’ve found for my family before finding AFE?

No. American Family Education is designed to build upon what you already know about yourself and your family’s needs and to support parents in their stewardship. This system is a place where you become even better at personalizing your path, and develop into an even more confident individual who can share your particular gifts as you are so inspired. The point is, you and your family become more yourselves at AFE, not less. If you have found inspired tools or methods, we invite you to share them with us and with our community to help others!

Is there a church or particular religion governing American Family Education?

We are not governed, owned, regulated or sponsored by any church or religion. We honor the values and beliefs of the multi-denominational families we serve and provide a positive environment for all students to explore and strengthen their faith while learning throughout their lives. As students find connections between learning and their faith, they present these ideas to their parents to be  expounded upon. The teacher’s role is to encourage the student to find these connections and to share these discoveries with their families.

We keep to the following foundational tenets as explained by the Founding Fathers:

  • Recognition and worship of a Creator who made all things.
  • That the Creator has revealed a moral code of behavior for happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.
  • That the Creator holds mankind responsible for the way they treat each other.
  • That all mankind live beyond this life.
  • That in the next life, individuals are judged for their conduct in this one.
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